Make vulnerability inspection simpler.

The vulnerability of software is newly found every day.

In the operation system web system, regular vulnerability inspection is required to detect and deal with this problem.

The flux-sec-scan aims to make this periodic vulnerability inspection simple and easy.


No installation required

The flux-sec-scan is the cloud service (Saas product). If you sign up from the network and register the target server, you can conduct the inspection.

OpenVAS is adopted as the scanner

We have adopted open source OpenVAS as a scanner which has history and proven track record in the field of network vulnerability inspection.

Designed for web system in operational phase

It is designed for a web system that conducts a vulnerability inspection at the time of initial development and then operates while adding / extending functions.


Vulnerability scan

Check externally accessible services and investigate whether there is a known vulnerability (misconfiguration, bug) for each service.


Output inspection results in PDF format. Importance (High, Mideum, Low, log etc), cause and measures are included.

Reservation execution

Specify the date and time, reserve and execute the scan.

How to use

1 Create an account
  • Create an account with your email address. (free)
2 Register the target server
  • Register the host name and IP address of the target server.
  • In order to prove that the target server exists under legitimate control, we perform the confirmation processing.
  • For confirmation processing, we will place the specified "confirmation file" in the document root of the target server.
3 Purchase a ticket
  • You purchase a ticket on the console.
  • Payment uses Paypal.
4 Execute the inspection
  • Specify the target server and execute the inspection.
  • The inspection contents are defined by default.
  • Reservation execution is possible by specifying the date and time.
5 Download the report
  • Once the inspection is completed, download the report (PDF).
  • The problem found is the evaluation result (High, Midium, Low, etc.) by the general vulnerability assessment system CVSS.
  • In addition, the general vulnerability identifier CVE is shown.

  • One ticket is required for each examination.
  • One ticket is ¥ 1,080.
  • Ticket purchase is settled with paypal. Information on settlement such as credit card information is not left on this site.